SUPERLADY OF THE WORLD is an International fashion and beauty showcase for age 28 + married, unmarried or single ladies which is a uniqueness of the golden age to participate in four continentals considered to be the most luxurious and foremost competition of its genre in the world.

The Super Lady the World and Fashion Week 2019 which will be held in South Korea. The event will be held from 25 November 7 December 2019, presented and associated by Suta Group Inc., Yuuzoo Corporation Ltd.(SGX:AFC), FIATA (The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations) 2020 Busan and Donggang Cistar Resort and will be participated by gorgeous and talented ladies from the four corners of the world.

The final show will be held at grand ballroom of Donggang Cistar Resort and telecast globally to over 164 countries.

Miss Universe, Miss World Winner
Supertalent of the World Season3 Winner

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Contestant eligibility
The eligible age-range for candidate is currently from twenty eight years old. The minimum height is 172 cm (5‘7"), most contestants are former title holder of grand-slam beauty pageants, supermodel or beauty of new artists.

Selection process
In the year preceding the global grand finals, each candidate must win her national title or casting call winner designated Superlady of the World national preliminary. This Super Series carefully selects local organizers to set up national competitions, select the top of top finalists from 164 countries.

European round World Final
Every Autumn round are hosted in Europe, where the finalists visit multiple entertainment and touristic cities to produce and distribute daily influencer contents worldwide which its kind of the world's first mobility pageant.

The finals are live broadcast in prime time over 200 million prospective viewers from 164 countries. Finalists usually work with a dance choreographer mentor related to the theme.

Rewards for winner and finalists
The pageant has changed traditional world pageant format. This new reward system also include job creation, apprenticeship, commercial film, talent grooming, influencer, youtuber etc.